The show

And the Rain Falls Down is part of a trilogy of projects that are inspired by the rituals of a child’s daily life – in this case, the joyful, anarchic experience of playing with water while taking a bath…

Imagine a world where every drop of water has a life of its own.

A world where rainbows form from umbrellas, where fountains spout from plugholes and where eventually the rain really does fall down.

Revel in puddles of fun in this magical treat, featuring rather a lot of water!

Made especially for 3 and 4 year olds, And the Rain Falls Down is a visually stunning, playful and poetic celebration of the watery things in the world.

Created by Fevered Sleep
Direction Sam Butler
Direction & design David Harradine
Design Ali Beale
Music David Leahy
Light Jo Manser

Performers Karina Garnett & Carl Patrick

And the Rain Falls Down has elements of interaction through which the children in the audience, if they choose to, could get wet. Please bring a change of clothing and a towel. Changing areas will be provided.

A Fevered Sleep and Lyric Hammersmith co-production. Fevered sleep’s work is produced in association with Fuel.

  • Saralong81

    This looks brilliant!

  • John Dabell

    We saw the show yesterday in Nottingham as a family and had a great time. We did the follow-up workshop today too which was excellent. If only the show contained some dialogue. What a missed opportunity to actually tell a story, recite some rain poetry or sing some songs – this would have made the show even better.

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