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March 4, 2011

“Terrific fun.” … “Visually stunning, gentle and balletic.” … “Like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Adults and children alike loved it.” … “Beautifully crisp and giddily enthusiastic.” … “A brilliant piece of theatre.” Find out who’s saying what about And the Rain Falls Down on our Reviews page. You can read some of our audience’s [...]

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First Performances at The Young Vic

February 25, 2011

Today saw two successful previews of And The Rain Falls Down at The Young Vic theatre in London, where Fevered Sleep are based as an associate company. Amongst the laughs, sighs and shrieks of delight, here are some of the things that children were heard saying during the performance: It’s going to rain The water! [...]

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Reflecting on Rehearsals

February 24, 2011

Now that the show is up and running, it’s great to see the fruits of rehearsal labour flourishing, and reflect on everything I’ve gained from my experiences as assistant director. Fevered Sleep serve children with the same dignity, respect, and high regard, that you would keep in mind for an adult audience. No detail is [...]

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Outbreaks of laughter… And the Rain Falls Down in front of an audience

February 15, 2011

And the Rain Falls Down has come fully to life in front of its audience of excited 3 and 4 year olds! Judging by the shrieks of joy in this little clip, the children are finding it irresistible… we’re pretty sure their grown-ups are having a good time too! This video was made during a [...]

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Rehearsal project with nurseries

February 9, 2011

Yesterday Ethelred Nursery and today Triangle Nursery came for a visit to our rehearsal. Even though we are nearing the end of our devising and rehearsing process it is still important to keep checking in with our clients! i.e the 3 and 4 year olds who will be our audience. From the shrieks of delight as the [...]

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A Bit More About The Show

February 2, 2011

And the Rain Falls Down is part of a trilogy of projects that have been inspired by the daily rituals of a child’s life.   Our very first project for children, Feast your Eyes, explored stories of food and eating, and broke the mealtime rule that you shouldn’t play with your food.  More recently, Brilliant explored [...]

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David Harradine and Sam Butler discuss And the Rain Falls Down – video

January 20, 2011

Just before heading off to start rehearsals for And the Rain Falls Down, David and Sam explain a bit about the show and how Fevered Sleep approach making work for children.

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And The Rain Falls Down schools workshops up and running

January 19, 2011

Yesterday I took the plunge delivering the first schools workshops to run alongside the show. I visited the very welcoming Round Hill School in Nottingham with Rachel from Lakeside Arts Centre with Julia assisting, and did 4 sessions with 15 children in each. The workshops ran really well; being our first visit it was a bit of a trial and I [...]

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